Thursday, April 24, 2008


I just had to share this with my currently non-existent readership:

How cool is that?

One has to wonder what the inhabitants of these galaxies are thinking. Of course, this is the normal state of being for them, and two galaxies can pass through each other without a single collision between stars, but still...

I can remember the first time I heard some amazing ideas, like the size of our galaxy. It's part of what drives my love for science. Imagine how many more kids would have their imaginations fired by the idea that our home is colliding with a giant conglomeration of stars.

Actually, don't imagine it. I want to see this mentioned in every primary school class in the world. Show those pictures. It can't hurt a bit.



Morgan said...

When I was teaching myself about colliding galaxies, I wondered the same thing.

I just fished my dusty Astronomy textbook out from under my bed. Thanks for getting me into the studying mood, Waz!

Oh, the wonders of this expanding universe...

Anonymous said...

I feel truly humbled by the FSM's celestial handiwork (noodly-appendage-work?)